Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL)

The Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) is standardized in the series of IEC 61804. It is a formal language to describe devices of process automation as well as of manufacturing for their existing parameters and automation functions. EDDL was designed during the 90s, continuously enhanced and is now available for the following communication protocols:  

  • HART
  • Fieldbus Foundation

EDDL will be interpreted at runtime in an application – the so called EDD host. Thus, each device described by an EDD can be integrated easily without any installation in control systems, commissioning tools, SCADA or maintenance tools.

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Field Device Integration (FDI) is a sustainable technology combining the strengths of recent technologies like EDDL with new concepts. Thus, FDI defines a very flexible architecture. Core component of FDI is the concept of device descriptions based on EDDL. In a device description all device parameters, relations between them and communication information are available. Based on this information, programmed components can be used.


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