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EDD Development

We develop EDDs for your PROFIBUS, HART or PROFINET device. The EDDs are compliant to IEC 61804. In addition, the EDDs may be adapted to specific requirements of different Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Of course – we offer long term maintenance of your EDD.

EDD Workshop for Device Vendors

You are an expert in manufacturing of field devices – but you need assistance for the device integration, especially with EDDs? No problem – we organize workshops about device integration at our side as well as in-house – worldwide. The workshops give an overview about device integration technologies like FDI, FDT and EDDL and are mainly focused on EDDL. Practice is given by tutorial, how to develop a ‘good’ EDD. 

EDD Test

Each EDD should be tested independently. Such quality check is a basis to get a certificate from PROFIBUS International (PI). The PI test lab of ifak offers such certification tests.