Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL)

The Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) is standardized in the series of IEC 61804. It is a formal language to describe devices of process automation as well as of manufacturing for their existing parameters and automation functions. EDDL was designed during the 90s, continuously enhanced and is now available for the following communication protocols:  

  • HART
  • Fieldbus Foundation

Tools and Components

EDD Studio

ifak has developed the EDD Studio for the development of an EDD and the online test with the device. This comfortable IDE for EDDs is compliant to IEC 61804. The EDD Studio is available as demo version including the documentation (see Downloads) as well as unlimited full version for commercial usage. The license can be purchased at ifak technology+service GmbH.

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EDD Development

We develop EDDs for your PROFIBUS, HART or PROFINET device. The EDDs are compliant to IEC 61804. In addition, the EDDs may be adapted to specific requirements of different Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Of course – we offer long term maintenance of your EDD.